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News and Updates

My newest space is really looking great. The main room is ready and this is definitely my best studio ever. Photos are on the site.



I'm now hosting monthly group events. Info on the events is here.


Schedule info: Tuesday & Wednesday are my days off. See "contact and hours" page for details.

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Welcome to

Male  Erotic  Evolution


My name is Michael. The purpose of my work is to help men connect with their erotic bodies and harness that energy for their own healing, growth and evolution. The information contained within this site includes information on the sessions and classes that I offer, reference material to help you understand the techniques I use and the philosophy behind my work. To get a general understanding of what a standard session entails please read "The Experience" page. To see a summary of all the sessions that I offer, please see the "Sessions" page. My studio is located in beautiful Seattle, Washington in SoDo District (immediately South of Downtown)".

I hope you'll take some time to review the entire site to learn about the work I do and a bit about me. Much of the information on the site will make more sense after a session with me. I encourage you to come back to the site after our time together and explore that for yourself. Each session is unique based upon your desires so it isn't possible to say exactly what yours will be like but they all incorporate the use of the tools and techniques referenced on this site.

When trying to determine if this experience is right for you, skim through the site and see if the contents resonate with you. If it feels like something you can connect with, please click on the "Contact and Hours" link and drop me a line. I prefer to do all my scheduling and intake process via email. I'll do my best to get you scheduled as quickly as I can as I'm very attentive to emails. I look forward to working with those of you who are ready for this experience.



Free energy/spiritual teachings blog:


A Peaceful Existence

"This blog contains information to help you learn about, understand and work with energy. It covers a range of topics from processing emotions, to spiritual practices and exploring the deeper meaning behind the world religions."


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