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There are a few other things that can help make your Aneros experience even more pleasurable and successful. Since the device goes up your ass, cleanliness can be an issue for some guys. Knowing that you're clean inside can help you more easily relax into the experience. The cleansing process is also a great way to help relax all the muscles in the anal region. To assist with the cleansing process, you might want to purchase a small enema kit called "Tiny Kit". This is a small collapsible rubber bag with a nozzle for inserting. It also comes with a plastic carrying case for storage. This product is marketed as a feminine douche but works great for enemas as well. It is lightweight, easy to use, clean and re-use. This is not a requirement by any means but the anal cavity should be free of obstructions for the device to function optimally. If you'd like to add this to your supplies, please add $15 to the cost of the session. These are available at Bartell or similar stores.

If you'd like information on the best way to use this product, please click HERE


Another key to success with the Aneros is using LOTS of lube. The lube needs to be the kind that will stay slippery for a very long time. It helps to allow the device to slide across your prostate easily. A brand that has been successful for me in the past is "Gun Oil". Non water-based lubes are best for this process. I'm happy to include a 4 ounce bottle of this lube as well. If you'd like to add this to your supplies, please add $15 to the cost of the session. This is available at most Adult Toy stores; Babeland or The Crypt for example.


The lube is key but to get it inside you, you need a good delivery system. I've discovered a medicine dropper for infants that works beautifully for this. You'll actually be "injecting" a full dropper's worth into your ass. Because of the small graduated tip, it makes for easy insertion. This internal lube helps the device slide easily once it is inside. This is in addition to the lube used to coat the Aneros for the insertion process. Your body will expel any extra lube when you're done and it causes no harm. It is one of the big secrets to success with this device and quantity makes all the difference…believe me. If you'd like to add this to your supplies, please add $5 to the cost of the session. These are available at Bartell or similar stores.


If you want the full Aneros package (with all of the above options) the total cost will be $300. This includes two hours of my time: relaxing you with a brief massage, coaching you throughout the experience, sharing my knowledge and secrets, physically stimulating you during the experience and 15 minutes of Reiki at the end after your powerful orgasm. Please bear in mind that I can't guarantee that you'll achieve the "Super O" during our session because I can only coach you. By the same token, not achieving a "Super O" doesn't mean failure on either of our parts. This is a new process and technique that is quite different from the regular male orgasm. You can take the information acquired during our time together and build on it at home and during future coaching sessions with me. I can guarantee however that you'll have a wonderful orgasm by the time we're done, you'll enjoy the experience and you'll have the Aneros for your home practice.


NOTE: The prices I add here are only slightly marked up (rounded to the nearest $5 amount) from the price you'd pay in the store yourself. Any extra rounded-up amount is for my time to purchase these products and to avoid having to make change. I'm not looking to make a profit off these items. I want to help you have all the tools that can help you experience this new type of orgasm. I recommend using all of these for the optimal experience but none are a required purchase. I have lube and an injector that I use specifically for these sessions, so you can see how they work and then purchase them later on your own if you like them. If you have any equivalent lube or delivery devices of your own, please feel free to bring them to the session.

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