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For those who are uneasy about ass play because of the fear that it won't be clean, a light enema will help to alleviate that fear. You do not need to do this before our session because in typical sessions I'll only be inserting my finger a short distance to reach your prostate. A regular bowel movement is more than sufficient for that experience. However, if you're wanting to experience deeper anal play (either during our session or on your own time) these directions are provided to help you have a cleaner feeling. This feeling will translate into you enjoying the anal play more and with confidence.

Please don't use a chemical based enema. Those are harsh on the body and only necessary if you're constipated or it is required for a medical procedure. Fleet enema bottles however are a great cost effective option, easy to use and disposable if needed. If you buy one of those, just pour the liquid down the toilet and refill it with room temperature water. The nozzel is slim and the kit can be found at most any pharmacy.

The best option is to purchase a reusable douche product where water is the liquid used. Using only water is more gentle to the body. These can be found in many shapes and sizes all around the web. The model that I prefer and that is this one found on Amazon. It's easy to fill, sturdy and easy to use. The nozzel however is a bit on the thicker side (which I personally prefer) but for assplay begginers, the nozzel can be a bit daunting at first. The nozzel is about the thickness of your thumb. There are other versions of this same type of reusable douche bulb that has a much thinner nozzel.


For those who know they will be returning to the studio, I have an addional option to help you be able to engage assplay with confidence. Iíve installed an inline douche hose on the toilet in the bathroom. I have a supply of new nozzles which attach to the hose. These allow you to irrigate the anal cavity to ensure a cleaner assplay experience. These nozzles are meant to be reused and are made of flexible rubber. These are available for 15 dollars and can be stored for your future visit. They are available anytime during any visit, just ask and Iíll get you set with that. Using the inline hose is an easy and relaxing experience once you get the hang of it.



Start by taking three deep breaths. Really focus on the breath itself. Feel your abdomen expand and your lungs. Notice the air moving through your nostrils. These breaths will help you to relax. Have your awareness fully on the breaths. It takes less than a minute so let everything else go and focus only the process of breathing. Remember this is your ass you're dealing with here and so there is no need to be squeamish. For many, playing with their ass is taboo or nasty. Notice your reactions during this process and allow that to begin to help you release any baggage you might be holding on to related to your asshole. To be in touch with your body, you have to be in touch with all of your body.

You'll want to do this just shortly before any ass play. Within an hour to 30 minutes is ideal. This gives you time to allow any excess water to be released after you're done with the cleanse and helps to relax you for the ass play.


Fill the bottle up with room temperature water (filtered water is the best because it is going inside after all) but tap is fine. One full bottle is enough for about a couple of rinses. Once filled, screw the nozzle on and you're ready to go. Begin your cleansing process by allowing yourself to empty your bowels like normal. Don't strain or force it, just allow anything that's ready to come out to get out before you start.

Generously lube the entire nozzle AND your asshole. You'll probably want to hover over the toilet for the rest of this process. Hold the kit so that the bottle hangs down and water doesn't come out yet. Insert the nozzle into your asshole as deeply as you feel comfortable. You'll probably notice it goes in deeper with each rinse. Take your time with this, rushing only makes you more tense. Bend forward and raise the bottle to a point where it begins to drain into you. Give it a 10-second or so count with gentle squeezing and then remove the nozzle before releasing it. Once the nozzel is outside your body, release the bottle then so that it doesn't draw contents from your anal cavity into the bottle. Expel the water. Repeat this process but on the second or third round, stand up and roll your hips or shake yourself a bit. Do this with the nozzle removed but the water held inside. It doesn't have to be wild movements, just "rinsing" type moves. Evacuate that water. Repeat this process until the water comes out clean and then maybe once more after that. Make sure the nozzle stays well lubed.

Take your time with this process. Let the experience relax you and cleanse you not stress you out. What you don't want to do is try to fill your anal cavity up with water. That's too much. Also you don't want to lie on your side and absorb the water. That is good when you're trying to give yourself a regular enema as part of a deeper cleanse. This is about cleaning the anal cavity, not your intestines. You don't want the water to stay in you for extended periods of time. Again, less is more here. Holding it in allows it to absorb into the anal tissues. That's not a bad thing but then you'll find you have to keep running back to the toilet because water will keep draining out. Quick rinses, small amounts of water and some gentle body shaking are the secrets here.

When you think the water is coming out clean then I would recommend inserting your finger inside your asshole and feeling around. This may make you feel squeamish again if this isn't something you're used to doing. Just ask yourself this: Would you rather find any obstructions now or have someone else find them later while you're getting your asshole played with? If you find anything remaining in the anal cavity, simple repeat the rinsing process a few more times and then check again. Learning to be at peace with your asshole and its functions will help you be more at peace with assplay as well. It is all connected.

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