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Ultimately, what changes us, what brings about genuine and lasting transformation, is the sustained contact with our own inner being, our own awakened power.
Swami Vasudevananda




What you can expect and will receive is much like what you'd get if you went to a licensed massage practitioner (LMP). I'm not a licensed therapist in the state of Washington so what you'll get is great bodywork (the non-LMP word for massage) but with all the things your body yearns for during a session with an LMP, erotic touch. You will not be covered during the session and at some point I will make contact with every inch of your body. You will be lovingly touched in an erotic manner in an effort to raise the erotic energy. Your erection is always welcomed but never required.

My commitment to you is that I will respect and honor any boundaries that you may have around touch. We'll take time to discuss these before the session begins. My hope is that you will be open to exploring those boundaries in a safe environment. The Sacred Intimate experience is not about pain, bondage, dominance or anything of that nature, it is simply about pleasure. Ultimately it's about you opening to receiving that pleasure.

In typical sexual situations, there is always an element of give and take. We want to give pleasure to others and take some for ourselves as well. Unfortunately all too often, one is the giver and the other is the taker and the roles rarely change. Men are typically responsible for being aggressive and being the "bringer" of pleasure. Unfortunately often men are "takers" in that they either "give only to get" or they are so starved for attention/pleasure that they only focus on their needs. What I'm offering you is the opportunity for you to open yourself to receiving full, unadulterated pleasure without someone expecting anything in return from you. It sounds easy enough but often times it is very difficult to do.

Our bodies are all similar but each one is unique. What might be experienced as pleasurable to one person, may be pain to another. While I may be able to find new ways to pleasure your body, the best way to make sure that you get the pleasure you like is to let me know. Just as in life, we get what we ask for. We can customize the sessions to be exactly the way you want but that will require that you verbalize your needs. The confidence to ask for what you want is the main thing I hope to instill into those I work with. While I personally may not be willing, or able, to do everything you ask, there is no harm in asking. If that happens, I'm certain we can find a middle-ground that works for both of us. I promise to do my very best to attend to your desires and will always respect your boundaries.



I am a "Sacred Intimate." By opening myself to the Universal power of Love, I am able to offer you unconditional love and acceptance during our time together. I am not trying to make you fall in love with me or form any type of sexual or social relationship. I am here to be of service to you while we are together, nothing more. When the session ends, our work together is done but your personal work continues. What happens during the session, what is said and experienced stays between you and me. Everything remains very confidential ... for the benefit of both of us.

In making this promise of confidentiality to you, I am opening the space for you to have your needs fully met. The session is not about me being sexually fulfilled. You are welcome to touch me as you'd like but only as a way to increase your pleasure or satisfy a curiosity, not to bring pleasure to me. Mine is a path of service ... service to those who come to me for this intimate, sacred work. I want you to feel safe in verbally communicating your desires and trust that I will do my best to attend to them. Sometimes this may simply take the form of relaxing bodywork, the desire to be touched in a certain way, giving you a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to your story or someone to take you to the heights of erotic ecstasy. Our needs are constantly changing. Change is the nature of our evolutionary existence.

If you'd like to listen to a radio interview, "Sex once a week," that my friend and I did regarding this work on June 24, 2009, you can access the first hour here, and the second hour here.



All sessions last approximately 120-135 minutes. I like to use the first session for us to get to know each other and to allow us to feel comfortable together. To accomplish that, I offer you erotic bodywork using my hands, the Hitachi wand and all of the techniques listed on my "Techniques" page. If you are pleased with the results (and I'm confident that you will be) and return for a second session, I will be happy to work with you to do any or all of the following:

  • Address specific needs, desires or fantasies that you may have
  • Work to heal specific issues on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Teach you energy techniques for your personal use that help to raise your erotic energy
  • Help you get more in touch with your cock and ass and help you to see them both as instruments of pleasure
  • Show you how to use breathwork to deepen your sexual pleasure and intensify your orgasm
  • Use role play to help heal old sexual wounds
  • Bring a friend to watch or have me find someone to watch
  • Use toys to allow you to experience deeper anal play
  • Take pictures of you with your camera or mine for your personal use
  • Simply give you great, relaxing, highly erotic bodywork

As part of my confidentiality commitment to you, please be aware that after our session, if we meet in public, I will not acknowledge you in any manner. I do this out of respect for the need for privacy for both of us. I'm a private person by choice and prefer to remain that way. I hope that you can understand and appreciate this and not be offended.

I am a very non-threatening being and have a natural ability to put people at ease. I understand that most men are nervous about male/male touch, especially of an erotic nature. I am gentle, patient and experienced in helping men to work through and overcome this nervousness. Since I already have a life-partner, I'm not looking for a boyfriend or lover and I also recognize that typically my clients aren't looking for any type of romantic entanglement. This to me is a win-win combination. By recognizing my gifts and abilities, I am able to be of service to others without expectation. That is the path of the Sacred Intimate.




In preparation for your session, I ask that you please refrain from ejaculating for at least 24 hours before the appointment. More time is better, but I understand that we all have needs. I ask this so that you will already be building erotic energy. An ejaculation sends the energy out of the body and releases that energy. You won't have to worry about ejaculating "too soon" during the session because the technique I use, which I call "catch and release," actually helps you to control your ejaculation. We build the erotic energy and then release the focus from your cock and shift it to a different body part. This process is repeated multiple times throughout the session.

Please make sure to drink plenty of water before and after the session. This is not just a healthy idea but helps to prevent any day-after muscle soreness. Water is a great conductor of energy which will help with the session. Being fully hydrated will help the body to flush toxins, which will be released by your body, after the session.

I request that you not wear any heavy cologne to the appointment (especially Polo or musk scents) and if possible, not smoke for at least 30 minutes before arriving. I also request that you please wear deodorant if your underarms have a very strong smell. I do enjoy the natural smell of a man however just not the smell of sweaty pits.

Once you set up an appointment with me, I'll be sending you some questions to answer before your session. These questions will help us to define both your expectations and boundaries. They will also help me to get to know a bit more about you before we work together.



During our session, I'll have you focus on your breath and use the breath to allow you to relax more fully and to move energy through your body. We'll utilize the following five steps to move you into a state of relaxed awareness.

  1. Deep Breathing - when you are breathing fully, deeply and unrestricted, you are fully in the body, fully in the here and the now. The "present" is the only place where healing is possible.
  2. As you relax into the body, you soften all the tensions that hold you back from being fully alive.
  3. The more you relax, the more you automatically begin to feel; feeling all the details of sensation and awakening the intelligent Lifeforce which animates our bodies and our minds.
  4. Simply witnessing or observing these feelings allows you to view impartially everything that is arising in the moment. This will invoke a sense of spacious awareness within the body.
  5. Awareness of the body along with allowing the moment to be just as it is, without judgment, allows you to open to the grace of being fully alive. In this space, deep healing occurs.

All this is accomplished by you focusing on you, observing the breath, allowing yourself to receive pleasure in all parts of your body and relaxing into that experience. Using this philosophy, together we'll explore the powerful healing effects of touch and breathwork. From the Tantric perspective, deep pleasure brings deep healing. That's what this experience is all about ... deep pleasure and deep healing.

During the session, we will both be nude. I'll be nude because at times I use my entire body to stimulate you in various ways. This way I don't get oil on my clothes or scratch your body with them. Also by being nude, it sends a message that I have nothing to hide. I am very comfortable with my body and believe this experience will help you to feel more comfortable with yours.



At the end of our session you'll leave feeling deeply relaxed and at peace. That feeling comes from two things. First, by removing the stress and tension from the body, relaxation is possible. Second, the Reiki heals by putting your body into a deep state of relaxation. This will cause you to have a very deep and refreshing sleep that evening. You will probably notice this peaceful state for the next several days and nights. After successive sessions it seems to last longer for people. This is because the more wounds/issues that are healed, the longer the energy is able to stay in your body. The longer the energy is there, the longer the peaceful sensation lasts.

The Reiki will circulate through your body leaving you feeling at peace, happy and healthy. The Reiki energy is VERY subtle. You may or may not feel it during the session. Whether you do or not, you were still receiving it, its beneficial effects are not dependant upon your ability to feel it. Often times it takes several appointments before people recognize that they are feeling it. However you may begin to see benefits from it after only one session, especially if you are open to that. You may notice that you respond differently in situations than what you are used to. For example, traffic may not bother you as much, you may be more open and compassionate with friends and strangers or you may just feel more at peace and calm. These are just a few examples of responses I have received from others. Some clients have felt the effects for as much as two weeks after a session.

You may notice slight changes in physical issues (if you had any) immediately after the session but you can rest assured that the underlying emotional issue is healing and the physical is soon to follow. This is because the energy that comprises the physical body is more dense than the energy of thought and so physical changes take longer to manifest. Every physical issue is a result of your mental attitudes about it and the emotional aspects associated with those attitudes. Reiki heals at the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional levels first because those levels are less dense energy. It is important to understand that Reiki is a spiritually guided Universal healing energy and as such it can do no harm.

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