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When you hear the word "flogging" the first thing most people think of is pain. I used to be the same way until I decided to explore that for myself and now I see it differently. The sensual flogging session that I offer is about the sensation and the endorphin rush that follows. I use a deliciously soft Elkskin flogger. This type of flogger has very little (or no) sting to it which is why I chose it.

In this session, I'll begin with using my hands to gently stimulate your naked body and begin to awaken your erotic energy. From there I'll use the flogger to lightly caress your body and awaken your senses. As your body responds and the endorphins begin to flow I'll slowly increase the intensity to a level that is comfortable for you. The focus of this experience is surrender and anticipation. To assist you with that we can determine how best to position you. This can be done standing up with your arms supported above your head (a bit more intense) or you can be lying down, restrained or not. To help you move into deeper levels of surrender, we can optionally add a blindfold and potentially even earplugs. The more of your senses you can mute that way, the deeper the experience will become because you become more inwardly focused on the sensations and anticipation.

This is the perfect session for those who want to begin exploring this area. This is not about me dominating you or punishing you (there are others out there who are happy to assist you with that) but rather about your willingness to explore the sensations. This is also a great session for those guys who aren't quite ready to experience the intimacy of my Sacred Intimate work but are ready to explore more erotic male/male interaction. I am happy to remain clothed during this experience to help you feel more comfortable and safe. I want to be able to help you push through and release your fears and explore your desires in a safe environment.

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