The only way that I will ever be great to myself is not what I do to my body, it's what I do to my mind.
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Reiki is a Japanese word composed of two parts. "Rei" is "the Higher Power" and "Ki" is the "life force" on a personal level. It is the energy that animates and enlivens us. Therefore, Reiki is the uniting of what we would think of as "our higher self" with our personal self. How could that be anything less than healing?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by the Reiki practitioner simply placing their hands on those in need of healing assistance. It really is that simple.

The basis of Reiki is the belief that when our "Ki" or life force is low, this will likely manifest as stress or dis-ease. If our life force is high, then we are more capable of being healthy. A Reiki practitioner acts as a cosmic gas-pump, bringing the "Light" or fuel to the body-vehicle. The vehicle is refueled with the Light of the Higher Power flowing through the Reiki practitioner.

A treatment feels different to everyone but its results are the same for all: a calm, grounded, balanced sense of well being. Because the Reiki is spiritually guided life-force energy, it can do no harm. It always works only for the highest good of the recipient. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

All humans have the innate ability to heal. For example, when we hold a crying baby, we use "magnetic" healing. The weaker baby's energy pulls at our own to assist with it's growth and healing needs. This happens because energy seeks to balance itself. You have the stronger energy and it has the weaker. When you connect by holding the baby, you become as one and the energy seeks to balance between you. This can leave one feeling drained afterwards. This is also true when we assist adults in need. Their healing is accomplished often at our own expense. Fortunately, a healthy individual can soon recover some of this energy and allow them to continue assisting those in need.

Unlike magnetic healing, Reiki is "channeled" energy. Reiki is a universal healing energy that is available to us all. Just like all radio stations are always available, it is not until we tune our radio to a particular frequency, that we get the desired station. Once a Reiki Master attunes your energy-body to the frequency of Reiki, this wonderful, healing energy is then able to flow through you. From that point on, this energy will flow out your hands as soon as you intend for it to. One attunement is all that is necessary for your lifetime.


An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student during a Reiki class. This ability is passed on during an "attunement" given by a Reiki master and allows the student to energetically tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy." As soon as the attunement is complete, which takes only a few minutes, the student is immediately able to channel the Reiki energy, for life. It really is that simple and powerful.

Its use is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. While very spiritual by its very nature, Reiki is not a religion and therefore asks nothing of you.

At the end of a five-hour training session (Level I), you will be able to begin healing yourself and others. If you choose to continue to work with this energy in a more conscious way, you may move on to the higher levels within the Reiki healing system. These levels allow you to more actively control the energy flow and even send it to others in need across town or on the other side of the Earth. (Level II). For those wishing to follow Reiki as a spiritual path and attune others to Reiki, the Master level awaits you.

Reiki is not used as a substitute for medical treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or suggest treatment, they simply make themselves available for the healing energies to flow through them. Clients should continue to receive regular medical treatment while receiving Reiki. The following represents some of the benefits that may be achieved during a Reiki treatment:

  • Pain alleviated
  • Healthy emotional release in a safe environment
  • Accelerated physical healing
  • Deep relaxation and peace of mind
  • Blocked energy is released, leaving one with a sense of well-being
  • The body's energy centers (chakras) are cleared, balanced and aligned


Please understand that while sessions with me are erotic in nature and include bodywork, the classes are not erotic in nature. These classes are to teach you about the energy of Reiki, how to give treatments to others and yourself as well as to attune you to the energy.

These classes are taught with the materials created by William Lee Rand through his "International Center for Reiki Training". I was attuned as a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master through this lineage. Information on William Lee Rand, the materials and Reiki can be found at his website at

Level I Training

This class is a combination of discussion, hands-on training and the attunement process. Students are given a verbal history of Reiki, the system of hands-on healing techniques and the Reiki principles. We discuss the lineage of Usui Reiki and how it came to America. We will also discuss the human energy system and how Reiki interacts with that to help affect healing in ourselves and those we give treatments to.

During the class, students are shown the hand positions for giving self-treatments and the positions for treating others. Additional techniques, which were developed by the International Center for Reiki Training, are shown to the students to give them extra tools for use in their healing sessions.

After the hand positions have been learned, students are lead through a relaxing meditation to open the column of light, called the Sushamna by the Yogis, that energetically runs along the spine connecting us to the Earth below and the spiritual realms above. After the mediation is complete, students are attuned and the Reiki energy begins flowing through them. Due to the powerful, healing energies that are drawn in during the attunement process, the attunement itself manifests a very powerful healing for the initiate. This is true for every attunement at every level.

This attunement is good for the life of the practitioner and will allow the Reiki energy to flow though them no matter how frequently or infrequently they use it. After the attunements, students exchange treatments on each other which allows the energy to fully ground into their being and open all the energetic pathways necessary for giving a Reiki treatment.

The class lasts between 4 – 5 hours. All students receive a manual that documents all of the above information as well as additional information for assisting with healing specific issues or conditions. After the class, students may contact Michael at any time for ongoing support and assistance with questions or issues which surface related to Reiki.

Class cost:



Reiki Level II

This level takes the student to a deeper level with the Reiki energy. At this level students are shown three sacred, secret symbols which are used to amplify the energy which they channel during a Reiki session. The symbols also allow the student to send Reiki to others at a distance, either across the room or to someone on the other side of the planet.

With the Level II training, students are also shown additional healing techniques which can increase the healing abilities and the effectiveness of a healing session. Class time is used to allow students to learn the symbols and give treatments to each other using them.

As in Level I, The students are led on a guided meditation to open themselves up to the higher level Reiki energies which will begin flowing through them during the Level II attunement process. In order to be admitted to this training, students must have successfully completed Level I training, either from Michael or any other Reiki Master. These classes can be taken together in a single weekend or individually at different times depending on the students needs. The cost is the same whether they are combined or separate. Manuals are neither provided nor necessary at this level. The class lasts approximately 2 – 3 hours.

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Advanced Reiki Training

This level is for those seeking the deepest level of commitment to Reiki without becoming a Reiki Master. In the class, students will be shown the Usui Master symbol which will increase the effectiveness of the other symbols and can be used for healing. Advanced techniques are taught which help the student to achieve goals and resolve life lessons. Students are shown how to use Reiki to protect themselves and others. A meditation is used to help strengthen the mind and expand consciousness. The students are also taught how to use the Usui Master Symbol to enhance the power of the symbols learned at Level II.

Students are shown how to use crystals and stones to set up a Reiki healing grid. With this grid, Reiki can be continuously sent to themselves to assist with personal goals or to others to assist in their healing. Reiki aura clearing techniques are also taught to assist in removing negative psychic energies from the Reiki practitioner or their clients.

Students must have completed Levels I and II, from any Reiki Master and worked with the Reiki energy for at least one year. For those students who plan on taking this level as well as the Master level in one weekend, a manual is included which documents all the information given at this level as well as those taught at the Master level. For those not combining the levels, the manual is not given until the Master class due to information contained within it pertaining specifically to the Master level. This class lasts approximately 6 hours with a 1 hour lunch break.

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Reiki Master

This is the highest level of Usui Reiki training. In this class the student learns how to attune others to Reiki and again their Reiki energy is strengthened by receiving the Master level attunement.

Two Tibetan symbols are taught, for a total of six symbols, which intensify the student's Reiki effectiveness and are used for the attunement process. The student is given complete instructions for giving attunements for every level including Master. Students will practice attuning each other at every level during a class. This gives them the opportunity to become more familiar with the process as well as assisting with the recipients healing process. The attunement process in itself is intensely healing for both Master and student. Students are also shown how to do a healing attunement. This attunement assists in the healing process for a client without attuning them to Reiki.

Advanced meditations are used to help harmonize the energy of the chakras as well as prepare the student for the powerful Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master attunement. Powerful healing experiences often take place during the class because of the techniques used as well as the number of attunements received. While the content of this class will allow anyone to pass Reiki on to others and to teach, many take the class for their own use or to use with family and friends. A commitment to teaching Reiki is not required to take this class, however successful completion of the Advanced Reiki class is.

This class takes approximately 6 hours plus a one hour lunch break. A 160 page manual is included, which gives detailed instructions for giving all attunements, using various healing symbols and conducting Reiki classes. Additionally, as with all levels, ongoing support is given for as long as the student needs it.

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Karuna Reiki Master

For those already attuned to the Usui Reiki Master level and with 6 months experience with the energy at that level, Karuna Reiki® is the next step. Please see the following link for the details on this training. Karuna Reiki class description. I was attuned to this level by William Lee Rand, founder of the system. I will teach this class in accordance with the guidelines set forth by him so everything you see on his site is exactly what you'll get in my classes. The class is taught over the course of three days with the first day being Level I, the second is Level II and the third is Master and comes with a 45 page manual and certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training.

While it is possible to take only the first two levels, personally I can't imagine stopping there. After having been through the training it seems to me that it is really all one three-day class but we all have to progress at our own pace. If you're interested in taking this class but can only afford one level at a time, please let me know and I'll work with you to facilitate this.

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