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Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body, and this is no difficult far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it. All earthly things are but the interpretation of things spiritual. The smallest most insignificant occurrence has a Divine purpose behind it.

Dr. Edward Bach, creator of Bach Flower Remedies





In a standard Reiki treatment session, clothing is left on and there are a series of set hand-positions that are used to administer the Reiki energy. Since this is not a standard Reiki treatment, my Reiki guides have shown me ways to incorporate deep Reiki energy work into the nude erotic work that I do. I begin the session by opening what is known as a "Healing attunement." This calls in the attunement energies (which are more powerful than regular treatment energies) but unlike a regular Reiki attunement, this process does not attune you to Reiki. (for more about Reiki and attunements, click here). The attunement energies are only taught to those at the Reiki Master level because of their power.

During the session, any time that I'm touching you the Reiki is flowing into your energy system. After an orgasm, your energy system is very open and your body is very relaxed. This is when I administer Reiki directly to your chakras and rebalance them. This allows the energy to enter your system at a very deep level to help effect the greatest healing. Afterwards, I close the Healing attunement and seal the Reiki in to end the session. Many of my clients have reported feeling the relaxing, calming effects for as long as two weeks after the session.

In 2007 I completed the Karuna Reiki® Master training. The class was taught by William Lee Rand here in Seattle. This level is one step beyond a standard Reiki Master and has given me tools for doing deeper spiritual and soul level healing work. These tools work primarily with your etheric body. They can help me more effectively balance and align your chakras, help with relationship issues, address past-life issues affecting the present and work to help you heal the shadow self. The shadow self contains those traits or aspects of ourselves that we are in the deepest denial about. My experience thus far with these new energies and my clients has been very positive and much more profound. I'm excited to continue my work at this new level and to seeing even more issues being healed for those I work with.


BODY ELECTRIC  www.bodyelectric.org

During the session, I use many of the techniques for cock, ball and ass stimulation that are taught in the "Celebrate the Body Electric" class. I also use elements of the Taoist massage for raising energy and awakening the erotic body, which is also taught in the CBE class.

The base of their class is learning techniques to build, raise and harness erotic energy throughout the physical body for healing and for deepening erotic pleasure. Several times during the session, I'll bring you near orgasm, move the energy around and then build the charge again. This technique is known as "edging" and produces a very powerful orgasm when it is finally released.



Most people think of Tantra as being a series of complicated, contortionist positions that make them somehow have great sex or become powerful lovers. That is simply one aspect of the ancient teachings but not what you'll experience with me. The style of Tantra that I've been trained in is called "Left Handed Tantra". I focus more on the philosophy behind the body-based work than the actual sex act.

"Left Handed Tantra" is a very body based style of Tantra that in India is only taught to those over the age of 40 because of the sexuality inherent in the teachings. In these teachings everything is viewed as an experiment. We create the experiment based upon our desires, sort of a "what would it be like to…" situation. This is called "creating the container". Typically this is done to help heal an issue and so the experiment is geared toward going into that specific issue. I use this philosophy in my work by asking you "why" you are seeking this experience with me.

Many of us spend a great of time wondering what it would be like to do this or that and those thoughts tie up much of our energy. This is especially true for straight guys in relation to male-male contact. They want to experience it but for various reasons can't or won't. I create this safe space where we can explore those desires but the key is that you have to be willing to express them and not just hope that they will happen. This is conscious exploration and is one aspect of conscious evolution.



During the session I'll have you focus on your breath. I do this to keep you fully in the present moment (which is the only place the breath can occur) as I've described in the Experience section. I'll work with you to help you get the type breath and sound that I'm looking for you to do while I work on your body. At certain points during the session, I'll have you do a few rounds of deeper, forceful breathwork to get energy moving through and out of your body and energy system. This helps to move the stresses, tensions and stored muscle memories out of your body. It will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and more at ease. I will occasionally use some guided visualizations to help you focus on clearing the energies that your body is ready to release.

Too often we take breathing for granted. We breathe shallow and restricted breaths and miss the true power of the breath. During the session we'll be working to get your breath, mind and body reconnected and let you experience the power of the breath. Please click here to learn more about the details on the power behind this technique.



There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding Shamanism and that often leaves people feeling afraid of Shamanic work. There are a lot of techniques that fall under the Shamanism teachings such as Soul Retrieval, extractions, and journey work. These are all techniques that for the most part are beyond my skill level and are not part of my work. The aspects of the teachings that I do employ are listening to my Spirit guides and using my Medicines.

The Native Americans believe that we each come into our earthly walk with certain medicines, typically represented by animals, that we use to heal others and ourselves. I am aware of my medicines and this knowledge is part of my decision process for determining whom I will and will not work with. Some medicines are just not right for some people and as such it will be difficult for these people to get along. I recognize this and do my best to prevent that from occurring.


MELCHIZEDEK METHOD  www.melchizedekmethod.com

This training is probably the most difficult to describe, most "out there" and subtlest of all the techniques that I employ during a session. As with all the other techniques and teachings that I have listed here, there are many aspects of this training and I only use certain ones during a session.

Once we are together in my studio, I surround us with a "Hologram of Love Merkaba." This is an energetic bubble composed of all the known (and unknown) geometric shapes that compose the "flower of life". There are lots of sites on the web which talk about the "flower of life" but a nice simple example and description can be found at wikipedia.

This bubble, or Merkaba, surrounds us and creates a healing space outside of time and space and it takes us to the Source of unconditional love. In this space, deep healing can occur. Often times at the end of a session, guys are amazed at how much time has passed in what seems like such a short period of time.


MATRIX ENERGETICS  www.matrixenergetics.com

I've completed Level I of this training and have integrated parts of it into my regular sessions. This technique is based upon the theories of quantum physics. For the most part, when I'm using these techniques you really won't notice anything in particular happening, except for something that feels like the occasional mild jolt. It doesn't hurt -- it's just your body making a physical change and that often registers as a mild twitch or jerking sensation. You may also feel as if you're asleep but yet know you're awake. I'll use this technique initially if you are having any physical pains before we begin the bodywork portion of our session. Other than that, I will use bits of it near the end of the session while I'm doing the deeper Reiki work.


QUANTUM TOUCH  www.quantumtouch.com

Quantum Touch is an amazing technique for almost instantly removing pain from the body. With this technique, by raising my vibration and bringing my hands into contact with the center of the pain together we can chase the pain out of the body. On the outside, using this technique, it looks simple but it requires a good deal of concentration on both our parts. Because of that, I use this technique only when you have specific, current pain and it isn't part of my regular session but can be incorporated as necessary. To find out more about Quantum Touch, please visit their website.



The prostate is known as the P-spot (or male G-Spot). The prostate is located in front of the rectum and below the bladder. Prostate massage can be incredibly pleasurable for any man but it can also be almost too intense for some men. Prostate massage, or milking, also has health benefits for all men. The actual massage of the prostate is the pleasurable part, getting to it can be the challenge for some. To get to the prostate I need to insert my finger into your asshole. If you hold the belief that your asshole is dirty or that the act is bad or you have the fear that it will hurt, you'll tense up, clench your ass shut and cause entry to be difficult or worse yet painful. With enough lube and patience on my part and openness to the process on your part, it can be an incredibly erotic experience. The more you relax, the less it hurts and the more pleasure the experience will bring.

This part of the session comes at about an hour into the process. In that first hour I'll be working to relax you as well as working to build your erotic energy. Both of these are key to making the prostate massage more pleasurable. Often men are hesitant when it comes to anal play because of the fear that it will be painful or more commonly that it might be messy. This latter fear can be remedied by cleansing the anal cavity with a shallow enema but usually a bowel movement is all that is necessary for this level of anal stimulation. If you'd like information on a cleansing process, click here.

The fear that it will hurt is usually fear of the unknown and unexplored. Some men have had unpleasant experiences in the past with anal play and so they live with the belief that anal play is bad or painful. This is not true but is usually caused when someone who doesn't know what he is doing tries to insert something into your asshole. It's important to use plenty of lube and to allow the asshole to open in its own time rather than rushing the process (which often happens at the doctor's office where your pleasure is not really a concern). I don't rush this process nor do I require it but I do invite you to at least give it a try and to keep an open mind about the experience. The asshole is the most densely concentrated area for nerve endings in the entire body. Nerve endings are pleasure receptors so the asshole is literally wired for pleasure.



Many people mistakenly believe that the mind and the brain are the same thing. The brain is an organ. The mind is the energetic aspect composing our thoughts, emotions and memories. The physical body is simply an expression of the mind. As such, if we observe what is going on in the body we can begin to understand the mind and what it is trying to tell us through the body. When we have issues or dis-ease that manifest in the body, we can use these to get to the underlying emotional issues that we need to heal before the body can heal. Medicines and surgery can fix the physical symptoms, but unless we heal the emotional cause, the symptoms may reappear or develop into deeper physical issues or dis-ease.

Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" has had a powerful impact on my life and as such is a major part of my healing work. In talking with you and getting the answers to your pre-treatment questions, I can begin to get a "feel" for these underlying emotional components and together we can work to release them.

Often those who come to me for this type of erotic work are looking to heal some sort of sexual wound. Wounds can simply be a belief that sex is bad, certain types of sexual expressions are wrong or that we are anything less than divine exactly as we are right now. Wounds can also come from physical abuse or neglect. We all have wounds whether we can fully recognize them or not. If we can recognize and acknowledge them we can begin to heal them. The work I'm doing is healing my wounds. As the healer heals, the healer heals.


ALCHEMY  www.tomkenyon.com

Alchemy is the science of combing energies (both physically and energetically) to create a new elixir. For some time now I have been working with Tom Kenyon's “White Gold Alchemy” teachings and have begun to incorporate parts of it into the energy work I do with some wonderful results. While it is a very small portion of the overall work I do, I include reference to it here in an effort to fully disclose all the techniques that I'm aware of that I use. (I say that I'm aware of because my guides are constantly showing me new techniques to use. It isn't until sometime later that I come to understand what it is and why I do it.) This technique involves the mixing of the energies from the Solar and Lunar channels within my body to create a white-gold energy for healing issues within your body.


TRAINING IN POWER  www.traininginpower.com

In February of 2007 I took Level I training from the Training In Power Academy. I use some of the tools acquired to assist in my healing work. Specifically I use it to clear and harmonize your energy field. I also use it to place a bubble of protective energy around you once we complete the session. I do this to help give you the space to allow the energy work done during the session to integrate into your system without outside interference from those you might come into contact with after our session. Typically this protective energy field will dissipate during the night while you sleep which is when your body will incorporate the full effect of the energy work. This is currently only a very tiny portion of the work I do but in the interest of full disclosure, I list it here.



This category is the most obvious and of course pleasurable aspect of a session with me. There is a lot of healing power in touch. With men, all too often it's something we don't get enough of, especially male-male touch. It can be difficult for males to allow themselves to surrender their need to be in control and to be pampered. That's what I'm offering, two hours of pampering in a safe environment.

The techniques I use for bodywork are based on deeper strokes that unlock the larger muscles, lighter, broad surface strokes, long flowing strokes and Taoist erotic (full body contact including the cock and ass). For most of my clients, this is really what they initially come in for. Once they see how all of the techniques listed on this page are combined, how enjoyable that can be and how relaxed and at peace they feel afterwards, they come back again and again.





By combining all the techniques, training and experience I have in the areas listed above, I will take you on a deeply pleasurable, incredibly relaxing and completely satisfying journey. The experience will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and fully at peace. This peaceful feeling is our true nature. This is the way we are meant to be, without the stresses, demands and worries of the lives we have created for ourselves. By experiencing our true nature, if even for a few moments, we are deeply healed by it. Our batteries are recharged and our spirit is refreshed.

I look forward to working with you and showing you how powerful all of these techniques can be when they are combined. The healing that is possible and the knowledge gained by the experience are my way of helping men to evolve. That evolution is why I do this work, why I've created this site and is ultimately connected to my life-purpose. I am here to assist men on their evolutionary journey.

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