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Heaven is that state in which each person has their own vocation. The talent is the call.  There is one direction in which all space is open to us. We have faculties silently inviting us thither to endless exertion. We are like ships in a river. We run against obstruction on every side but one - on that side all obstruction is taken away and we sweep serenely over a deepening channel into the infinite sea.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Spiritual Laws"



After each session, I email my clients and ask them if they have any comments that they are willing to share regarding the experience. The following are excerpts from emails that I've received in response to that. I have all of these responses on file and am happy to show them to you upon request.

I also advertise through "Masseurfinder.com". You can see unedited reviews from additional clients there by clicking here.

Mike - Seattle, WA

"I have thought alot about our session, and what it felt like to be shaved by you.  Since that time, the feeling of being shaved has been pretty remarkable.  To say that I am "hornier" is a bit of an understatement.  Very horny, and I really like the feel of my shaved cock and balls.  What was really great for me is that we accomplished, well begun at least, some "therapy" about not being able to cum outwardly.  You shaved me, got me super hard, and I got off and it was intense, and you made me feel that not "cumming" was so not a big deal.  That was the beginning of some real repair work for me.  I think since that night my orgasms have been even more intense, and some times I think how could cum NOT be coming out, if you know what I mean. It doesn't damn it, but the feeling is so awesomethat it matters less. I want you to know that that really helped. Also, the shave you did on the rest of my legs really has been great as well as every time I look at it I think that it looks better that way.  "

Will - Issaquah, WA

"Iím not sure where to begin with the thank youís. You put so much time, patience and focus into everything you do. As a client, I feel the most sincere and deepest level of attention. Iím speechless. Iím sure itís not a surprise that this is certainly something that I desire and appreciate immensely. This is a rare experience for me. (Fuck, letís just be really honestÖ never in my life have I experience the level of affirmation and contact that you shared with me today.)

I will spend days processing this. I will be forever changed as the result. I donít want that interpreted as ďthatís my new expectation for all future partnersĒ. :-) Quite to the contrary, I will strive to remember a handful of things that felt the most intimate and I will try to remember to share those with someone else in the future. In short, you have taught me new ways to connect which means even more than experiencing myself."


Stephen - Seattle, WA

"Just a quick note saying "thank you" for the wonderful experience in your studio. I always come away feeling more invigorated and ready to take on more challenges. I love the opportunity to be with you, to push beyond my boundaries and to see the extreme possibilities of life. LOVE it! Keep up the great work. Your disciples appreciate your discipline to the craft! Thanks again for the excellent service that you provide!"


Kevin - Portland, OR

"Thank you for an experience that I will cherish and enjoy in memory for quite some time. I found you to be so loving, real, spiritualy connected, and meant for what you do. I felt as if we were in a dream world on another plane. I did not fully understand the reason for me (the recipient) to not use a lot of energy in trying to pleasure you, but the experience would not have been the same if I had. It may have disconnected me from the energy flow you were trying to share. I get it now! For the experience to work the way the Universe intended I had to totaly surrender myself to it all! I'm amazed at how being unaware of the space around me, as well as where you were or where you would turn up, heightened the total experience. I believe in part because it kept my sexual mind off your beautiful body and focused instead on my breathing and accepting and enjoying every level of pleasure that was presented to me. It is amazing how alive I felt all the rest of the day and the peace I connected to. There is no amount of money or thanks that I could give you that would equal on any level what you shared with me. I deeply appreciate my time with you and I look forward to our next body-soul connection! "

Richard - Seattle

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session I had with you yesterday. Again it was a million miles beyond what I could have ever imagined. I was very apprehensive at first to schedule the session. However the more that I read your web site, the more that I felt connected with you and even began to believe that I knew you on some other level. When I would look at your picture, on the web site, I had to question myself as to whether I really had met you before, or was it on some other level that we were connected. From the moment that I arrived at your studio, I felt completely at ease. I believe that you have the ability to connect with a person's consciousness above the physical level. You were able to assure me through this connection, that I was there seeking something that was already within me, but needed to be brought out or up to another level.

The massage portion of the session was absolutely beyond comparison. I have a lot of arthritis and stiffness throughout my body, and you were able to touch nerves that I didn't even know existed in the human body. By the time you were finished every muscle in my body had completely relaxed and I really felt like I was floating on air. I have had many massage sessions in the past with other therapist, but none have given me the relief that you were able to produce. This morning the stiffness is gone in all my joints and the arthritis in my back is almost unnoticeable.

The healing portion of the treatment was absolutely the thing that I was unconsciously seeking. Through the techniques that you used you were able to show me that it was all there within me to experience. You were able to show me through this session that by opening up and allowing yourself to receive pleasure without any thought of giving, you are taken to new heights of pleasure that you only could dream of before. I have always enjoyed sex in the past, both giving and receiving, but now look at it in a completely different light. Sex is something to be experienced. By allowing oneself to open up and receive unconditionally, you not only are taken to pleasurable levels that you never dreamed of before, but you are also brought to a new level of understanding of how to bring others to these new heights of pleasure. I truly believe that you have strengthened the bond between me and my partner of 25 years. I am truly grateful to you for this experience, and am seriously thinking of scheduling a session with you for my partner, so that he too could experience this awakening.

I would recommend your services to anyone out there that wants a new awakening, and understanding of what real therapy should be about. You should be teaching these techniques to all massage and healing therapist. The world would be a better place if you did. Everyone should have the chance to experience this level of teaching and understanding."

JP - Seattle

"I was used up ... emotionally, physically, spiritually exhausted. I was searching for compassion, healing, love and I experienced all of those things. What drew me to you was not the healing of personal wounds, but the connection to something that remains undefined but may have to do with Reiki energy or perhaps, more generally, the metaphysical knowledge you've gathered in your own pilgrimage. In the aftermath of our session, the shift I've recognized is that this is something real and tangible that I've been searching for without ever knowing I needed it. I can't explain it in scientific terms and wouldn't have been open to exploring it otherwise, but it's remarkable how cataclysmically my world has been altered by my brief encounter with it. You've effectuated some kind of epiphany and I'm still trying to come to grips with what it all means.

"Michael, the massage was wonderful, beautiful even. I feel better and more energized than I have for quite some time. I've noticed immediately how this translates into my engagement with (my daughter and partner). I've observed myself bounce back remarkably quickly after a grueling weekend in which I completely rehabilitated my yard...backbreaking physical labor shoveling holes, pulling weeds, moving three yards of bark and half a ton of sand, long hours in the sun without stopping for a moment's rest, all the while keeping an eye on a rambunctious toddler and ensuring she ate, napped, ate again, brushed her teeth, got her bedtime stories and went to bed at the appropriate time of day. I should be completely wiped out but I'm not. It can only be attributed to (our work together).

"Let me reaffirm my gratitude to you. Each of us whom you have touched with your gentle soul and kindness is blessed beyond measure to have encountered you on our personal journey. I can't tell you how much I value all that you have done for me! I continue to be so grateful to you for so many things. Your presence and kindness are a precious gift that I treasure and I look forward to seeing you again."

R.G.L. - Seattle

"My experience was better than I imagined. Michael your voice alone put me at ease and in the beginning I was nervous and stressed. Anybody who reads this should know I am a married, middle aged, out of shape adult male. Michael made me feel special right from the very beginning. Although, I have wanted to experience a man to man massage I was fearful of what that would be like. You all must agree, after visiting his website...he is just as professional and unique. Very talented and caring. I would recommend him to any male (straight especially) who would like to experience the art and talent of this man. I will be back. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND."

Jim - Vancouver, BC

"It was a WONDERFUL experience, believe me when I say this. Let me say that the moment I walked in to your space, I felt at ease, comfortable and totally without any feeling of nervousness and when I was nude and on the table, I had not a moment of nervousness. I was totally relaxed and enjoying every moment of the experience. When you finished your treatment of me, I felt so relaxed and so "refreshed". I loved the closeness that you provided me of man to man contact and the breathing did help me a lot. I thank you Michael for treating me so "special". Your touch is magical and I loved every moment of our time together, and I am definitely coming back again. Thanks so much again, I truly feel so good! This was the best that I have ever had and any other massage sessions would pale compared to what you offer. It was beautifully erotic as well as relaxing. Thank you, my friend."

C - Seattle

"I want/need to say how healing our time is together. You create a warm, safe, nurturing place and a wonderful touch point in the craziness of it all. Just thinking about it relaxes me. Knowing it's there does the same."

ML - Seattle

"I am happy to say that in the grand scheme of things I am doing fine and feeling very relaxed. It's funny how I thought going into this experience would really make me question my sexual orientation, but after the session I felt more confident about being straight then I did before hand. (I'll explain a bit later)

The session was amazing. You are calming, easy going, supportive, and respectful - everything your email said. The environment you created in your studio was peaceful and mesmerizing, it was one the highlights of the experience to be transported away from the sounds, smells, and chaos of the everyday. Your touch is gentle and firm and while my body feels relaxed today it also feels hard and worked out as well (something I didn't expect).

The reason I feel more confident about being straight after the session was that the pleasure wasn't about man to man contact or woman to man or even woman to woman contact, it genuinely was about experiencing and feeling pleasure. I know that in my heart of hearts, I do not want a relationship with a man and that I simply would have enjoyed that pleasure whether it was from a man or a woman. I think I may sound confusing, but what I am trying to say is that you showed me how it feels to simply receive and what it takes to make a partner feel special. Thank you."

Bob - Vancouver, BC

"I can't find the words to describe the experience I received, thanks to you! Being my first time I was a little apprehensive, but just a little. Your information is done in a very professional manner and by the time we had our talk before commencing the massage I was quite comfortable knowing that I was in caring hands. I mentioned to you that thru the years I have had many massages, good, bad, and indifferent. We don't need to discuss the bad and indifferent. However, now having visited you, and hope to return, the "good" in the past has changed for me to being o.k. compared to the experience I enjoyed yesterday. It was above and beyond all my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You seem to know what it is all about and willing to share it with others. I think you are a very kind man. Again thank you."

PT - Seattle

"Michael did a really great job helping me learn to relax and explore new avenues of sensual experience. I had tried before to become more versatile with little success but with Michael's careful touch, patient and expert guidance, and rewarding encouragement, I have become much more comfortable--and enjoy--this new dimension of myself. You don't feel pressured, but just gently guided to discovering a much deeper experience than you would on your own. He even helped me go further than I thought I had gone, and was surprised to find out afterward. I leave each time feeling deeply relaxed and calm, and always glad I went for his help. He sincerely believes in what he does, and he does it well, with a healthy attitude. The massage is very good, and he literally puts his arms into it when muscles need deep work along my back (an awesome sensation). I recommend Michael greatly for his willingness to discuss touchy subjects in an open and honest manner, to answer your questions, to respect your limits and to help you achieve new levels when you're ready. Try him once and you'll see the difference. Now if there were only two of him so there were more appointments available!"

James - Seattle

"I just wanted to once again say thank you. This experience has taken me places I never thought I could go and helped me to grow in ways I couldn't imagine. You were very kind and helped me to be at ease almost as soon as I entered the room. The session was wonderful and I have woken up with raging hard ons in the mornings since. Masturbation has become a new adventure for me and I have you to thank for that. I am also eager to schedule another session as I want to explore more. You have wet my appetite and I want to see where it goes. You are doing great things. Thank you."

TC - Seattle

"Thank you so much for a wonderful session last week. It is always amazing to me how you are consistently able to anticipate the exact moves that are so perfect for my needs. Your sensitivity is remarkable. I also want to mention how well my neurologist thinks that I am doing. He has noted a marked decrease in my Parkinsonian symptoms during the past year and he attributes much of the improvement to the massage and breath work. For this I am truly grateful. Thank you."

PB - Los Angeles

"I had the most amazing experience with you. It was by far the best massage I have ever had and you certainly took me to a new level and beyond. I'm looking forward to our next session for I am looking forward to pushing further and deeper beyond even my expectations. I know you will be able to help me achieve this goal because our first session was so surreal."

MP - Madison Valley

"I wanted to take some time and sit with my experience before writing back to you. Let me first start off by letting you know what a fantastic and amazing experience I had with you! I think I knew a bit beforehand of what I might experience, and was certainly open to anything that may have happened during it, but I don't think I realized the full range of what it would be like. You are so wonderfully talented and gifted! Your skills and manner are just amazing.

In the time since my visit, I've been paying much attention to the results from working with you. I think that this was a great first step for me getting back on a path that I've somehow let go along the way, plus I feel it's a great new beginning for some new direction in my life. I'd love to discuss this with you further, probably at my next visit. I really believe I have a lot I can learn from you, and a lot in my life that I can heal and develop through working with you. Plus I just had a really fun time!"

EH - Seattle

"What is there not to enjoy, a person dedicated to you having a great experience; how RARE in our "me first" world. Thank you Michael!"

TT - Seattle

"Wow! I'm still not on the planet. I don't know what happens, Michael, but it's nearly transcendent. Wow! Thank you very, very much. You're the best! Every single time the sessions are more fantastic than I ever could have imagined. I can't wait to see where this takes us next!"

K - Capitol Hill

"This was my first experience in this kind of experience. Like most people I'm sure, I was a bit nervous or awkward going in, because I didn't know quite what to expect. Throughout the session, Michael was very calming and affirming, and after only a few minutes I felt myself relaxing into it and simply submitting myself to the experience. I am a very logical person and analytical yet by the end of the session I found myself in a very neutral, calm, centered place in my mind, and reflective. Probably the only hard part of the session was allowing myself to simply receive pleasure. We are so programmed as men to either be the givers, or at the least to be equal in our exchanges, including sexually ... maybe "especially" sexually. So I had to spend a few days really appreciating the weight of what that was, at the time I think it made me uncomfortable to not have anything to "give back" to Michael. But that was also probably the most impacting aspect of the session to me, personally, and I still feel the benefit, after weeks, of allowing myself to experience that. I couldn't have asked for a better person to experience that with than Michael."

DG - Shoreline

"I enjoyed today's session immensely. I found that you are totally in sync with the energy of your client and your experienced approach and attitude during the session enhanced the experience beyond words. Thanks! I look forward to our next session and the relaxing effects are most wonderful."

Dan - Seattle

"Wow, that was a wonderful experience! I enjoyed every moment about it with you, and was lucky to share myself with someone who has such a wonderful talent. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with you and I was scared of that prior to meeting you. You have a wonderful way about you and are spectacular at what you do.

You have helped me embrace my body, and come to be comfortable with every part. I can not tell you enough how much I loved that. It felt good to have every single part of my body touched and healed. I thank you for that and look forward to visiting with you again."

CS - Seattle

"I am enjoying my second day of pain-free legs, I am feeling particularly blessed that I am your client/patient. I look back to last November when I first met you after responding to your ad. I wasn't sure what I was getting into at that time, but am certainly thankful now that I did respond. I am feeling so euphoric at the moment that I just had to let you know, once again, how much I appreciate you and your healing talents. I like you not just as a healer, but as a person, too!"

ES - Seattle

"The most relaxing massage session I've ever experienced. It was also an educational experience - learning to use my own breathing and imagery to get rid of the tension."

CM - Seattle

"Michael's skill not only lies in his touch, but his ability to communicate. I keep coming back to him because of his open/honest approach to his work. He truly is passionate about making you feel better and it shows."

Charles - Madison Valley

"So, I told you that there was one other masseur who was in the same league. But that was before I experienced you! You're in a league of your own."

Kevin - Seattle

"Michael is an excellent masseur. I loved every moment I spent with him. The best thing he did was to send the questionnaire ahead of time with clear questions. Gave me the opportunity to express my intentions clearly. The second best thing I liked was he spent a short while talking before starting, when we met. I had an air of tension when I met which the talk helped go away. He's establishes a good connection with the client, respects boundaries, and is professional. The ambience is good - with light soothing music and a semi-dark room, unlike the rooms which have sunlight coming into them. I like massages in the dark - helps me relax better. Warm oil: I love that. He is a good masseur - good hands, firm touch, good breathing techniques. Does not hurry, paces it along well. Consistent across sessions. Good touch, sensual, rather very delightfully sensual. Good at massaging toes and fingers ... He doesn't gloss over parts that are aching.

I've had massages in Seattle and San Francisco. I like Michael the best. I find him very affordable too. He's great with his pricing. I like people who are passionate about what they do. He is certainly one of them. He is my favorite masseur. He is the only masseur I am giving my feedback about. He is the only one who probably also cares about client feedback and one's continuous satisfaction."

Matt - Seattle

"THANK YOU! It was so much more than I expected. I was really very nervous before I got there and you immediately put me at ease. The space is really warm and inviting...it was all so very sensual and satisfying on every level. Thanks so much for your professionalism and then incredibly intimate and loving massage/experience. I've never experienced anything quite like it and will certainly come by again for a visit."

LW - Charlotte, NC

"I intended to write you my impressions of yesterday, but I have decided just one word does it, EXTRAORDINARY! EXTRAORDINARY describes your routine, technique, and effort you put into our working together. I certainly realized the extra effort you were putting forth just for me last evening and I benefited from the experience. I would have to say it was the most extraordinary experience I have ever had, and for 62 years, that's a BIG statement. Thanks for letting me be the beneficiary of that! I also think you are extraordinary as a person and it takes new meaning when you say you "enjoy your work" and what you are doing. I could tell that."

Chris - Seattle

"Thank you so much. I had a wonderful, amazing time at your hands. To be honest, it felt like an out of body experience. My head was still somewhere else more than a hour later, seemingly floating around my body. I would highly recommend your exceptional skills to all my friends. The warm, relaxing space was perfect, and very private. The progression of massage techniques left me feeling first loosened up, then deeply relaxed, mentally stimulated and finally spiritually free at play.

Your skills and abilities have a gift and power for connecting the mind, body and spirit, while freeing the tension which can prevent them from feeling unified and playful. As I said at the time, I felt as though my spirit was free to play within my body."

Kevin - Capitol Hill

"I want to reiterate what I said as we were parting -- that it was a spiritual, psychic, physical voyage into uncharted territory with you as a terrific guide. I had better than a great time. I had an important time, in that it was a journey of self discovery and our exploration together of all my selves. Mere words are really insufficient to tell you what it all meant, and that our experience left me with a fuller sensation of being truly alive. Thanks so much for being there with and for me. I've felt more grounded, more robust, and more alert and attuned to the world around me since that session. I certainly do look forward to more."

Bill - Seattle

"I really enjoyed the session and look forward to many more. I slept like a baby and definitely feel lighter and more "in my body" today. Also have been noticing my breath more and trying to breathe more fully and deeply. That feels good. I felt warm, welcome and very at ease in your studio. You definitely have a healing, sensual touch."

Michael - Seattle

"My appointment with you was a very satisfying experience, starting with your warm friendly greeting. The pre-massage conversation not only increased my level of comfort, but also heightened my expectations of what was to come...and I wasn't disappointed in the least. I've been seeking a replacement for my former massage therapist who moved from Seattle three years ago...someone who provides the same attention, skill and satisfaction...with you that search has ended!"

JO - Seattle

"My session with Michael was very comfortable and healing, on all levels: physically, emotionally and erotically. He is a natural healer and an excellent listener; do not fear your wants, concerns and inquiries, as he can be a great guide, source and help in exploring them! I am excited to set up another appointment with him, to further continue my process of experiencing healing and joy in my life!"

Jerry - West Seattle

"You have put a smile on my face and a skip in my pace. You are good for the soul.

Rick - Seattle

"You did a remarkable job working on me! I was very relaxed for the rest of the day. The techniques you used on me were a first, not only the mechanical but also the hand massage in the groin area. Let's say you went to areas that LMPs won't go, but should for pure relaxation. I feel like huge knots were released in my pelvic region."

KH - Lake Forest Park

"Wow! Thanks so much for our session today. I can't believe how calm, comfortable and sensual I've felt all afternoon and evening. Rather than feeling spent, I've felt so erotically charged! Every once in a great while you have an experience in life that feels profound. You're not sure how the experience will manifest itself beneficently in your life; you just know that it will. This was certainly one of those experiences for me. I want to thank you for the feeling of respect that I got from you. In turn, I would like to express my respect to you and the work that you do. This is such important work!"

"What I'm feeling is a centeredness/connectedness between my body & my spirit that I've never really felt before. Kind of an "of the Earth" rather than "on the Earth" feeling, if that makes sense. It's almost as if I could feel an organic physical connection with the universe. I also feel calmer and sort of inherently content that what I'd like to have manifest itself in my life (creative/professional, spiritual/sexual, and more) are bound to happen as long as I don't work against them. And I'm feeling incredibly sexual--not the kind of I'm horny and I need to "get off" kind of sexual--but a sensual, sexual kind of undertone. I keep getting erections and I feel enhanced and eroticised. Last night as I lay in bed I masturbated for the first time in many, many years without any visual stimulation; I just got into a sort of celebrating my own body and my own sexuality sort of zone. If this didn't all feel so good and somehow "right" it could almost feel disconcerting as it's really a huge change that I did not consciously bring about."

Bill - Seattle

"I thank you! It was a very interesting and somewhat liberating experience for me. I enjoyed it very much. Throughout Friday and, in fact, continuing today I have a sense of calm and renewed energy that is quite pronounced. Your insights into my ability receive pleasure have prompted some very positive reflection on my past and current relationships - sexual and non-sexual alike. Thanks for the nudge in that direction."

MJ - Seattle

"I'm still amazed about how I feel. It truly was one great experience. As I mentioned, toward the end it felt as if I had left my body and was floating. I was hesitant before the session, having had only a few man to man contacts none of which were any where close to our session. You made me feel very relaxed and frankly, helped me focus more inward than what was happening physically at the moment. Thank you for the tips on edging - I think it was the first time that I actually had more than a 5 sec orgasm. I'm relaxed, my mood has changed dramatically and I feel more energized than I have in a long time."

Gary - Seattle

"I appreciate that you took the time to listen to my journey and my needs. More importantly, I am grateful to you for helping me to "go there," to experience the sensuality that has laid dormant just under the surface...in essence, to "scratch the itch."

John - Issaquah

"As you know I was not really sure what I was letting myself in for and as such was not really sure what my expectations were. What I came away with was an experience that was much more sensual than it was sexual. By that I mean that my body awareness stayed very focused on what was actually happening at the moment, on that place that was being touched. I think that is probably why I didn't have an erection for quite awhile, and that was perfectly ok. I remember thinking about it but not being bothered. I somehow knew that at the proper time my body would respond in the proper way. In fact, I guess it did throughout the session.

As far as where my head is at now, let me relate what happened yesterday after work. Simply, as I went to leave work, my car died. I had to call a tow truck, get the car to the shop, get a replacement car and finally get home. Now normally, and I think for most folks, that is a frustrating, unpleasant experience, but I found my attitude to be one of "this is my reality for now, it is neither good nor bad, just do the steps to take care of the situation". That's exactly what happened and I can say I felt remarkably little stress thru the whole thing. I feel like that is in no small part due to my time with you."

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