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The more we heal the frightened parts of our personalities and cultivate the loving parts, the more effective we become in creating a world of health and well-being instead of destruction and violence.
Gary Zukav





In October 2014, I moved into my first commercial space in the industrial district (SoDo) south of downtown Seattle. I'm very pleased with the results of getting to create my own personal workspace rather than just trying to fit into a rented home or an apartment. The workspace is located near I-5 and the West Seattle Bridge so it's easy to access and has lots of available parking. The space is inside a commercial and mixed use residential building with light foot-traffic. The space has its own private entrance. Once inside I have a 500 sq ft room set up with a sofa/lounge area, massage table, sling and queen size bed. The entire room is padded with 1/2 inch thick pads. The room has no direct adjacent neighbors so your privacy is assured. I have a separate bathroom with a large claw-foot tub, shower, toilet and sink. It's great now but it's still going to be a work in progress for several months as I slowly renovate what was an empty brown space into a sexy, edgy, warm and inviting playspace.






The massage table that I use is extra wide and thickly padded. In addition to that, I've added a memory foam pad for extra comfort. In the colder months I have an infrared heater above the table for instant heat so that you stay nice and warm throughout the experience. I cover all this with cozy flannel sheets. The combination makes for a plush, warm and sensuous platform for us to use during your experience.





I have an oversized sling that was custom made for me. It's great for being able to relax back and enjoy assplay while in it. It positions the body such that you can relax your legs up (almost like in stirrups on a table) and have your ass exposed to me. I have a full size mirror located directly above the sling so that while you are in the sling, you can see everything that I'm doing. The sling can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.






I have a play bench which is great for allowing you to rest forward on the bench and exposing both your back and ass. This is great for spanking, flogging or general assplay. I have it covered with waterproof velour so it's always soft and easy on the body.






I have a queen size bed that is covered in a waterproof mattress cover. I cover that with fleece sheets so that it's soft on the skin. The bed can be used for bodywork, Thai massage, stretching or play.





When you first arrive, we'll spend time chatting on the sofa so that you can get used to being in the space while we check-in with each other to see what type of experience you are seeking in the moment.





During your first and second session, you'll hear the same sequence of songs which I've created specifically for these sessions. I do this to help your body return to the peaceful feeling you'll leave with after the first visit. At a subconscious level, your mind will remember the music, reconnect with the first experience and you'll be able to move into a state of deep relaxation more quickly. This works much like when you hear a song that takes you back to a certain time or experience in your life. The sound triggers a memory. I have 6 speakers around the main room so that music fills the space.

The music I use for these sessions is relaxing but also energizing and beautifully paced for the experience. For those interested, the first CD is from a CD set called "Chill Out In Paris Volume I". It is a mixed collection of music representing the various cultures that predominate Paris. The second CD is called "Moroccan Spirit." It is another mixed CD based upon the music found in Morocco. I've used these two CD's as a base and mixed in other songs of a similar nature. The final version I play is one that I've created utilizing some of my favorite songs that fit the mood for the deeper energy work and cool-down phase.



In addition to my hands, at times I'll be using a "Hitachi magic wand" during the session. The wand is a very strong, ball-headed vibrator. I use it to really unlock the deeper muscles and stimulate your cock and ass (externally). It's a wonderful tool and feels great. "Magic" is a great name for this device for sure! In addition to the physical vibration that is produced, it also emits a soothing sound frequency. This device is great for stimulating energy channels that have become blocked and for unlocking really tight muscles.



I use a heated, lightly-scented, vitamin rich oil for the bodywork but if you have a favorite oil or lotion you'd prefer, please bring it with you. At the end of the session you can choose to leave the oil on your skin and it will soak in and moisturize the skin or ask and I'll be happy to use alcohol to remove the oil. The oils that I use typically won't stain clothing and the earthy smell disapates quickly, but we all have lives to live and that may include not having any foreign scents.


As a precaution for those with any known allergies, I'm listing the ingredients for the oils I use below.

    BASE OIL: Expeller pressed almond oil, expeller pressed safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, naturally derived water dispersant and natural vitamin E.

These ingredients make up the non-scented version of the oil. I only use this oil for special requests. Please let me know before the session if you require the use of this blend so that I can get it warmed before your arrival.

The preferred oil that I use is called Therapeutic Blend. It has a light, clean smell that dissipates quickly. It contains all of the above base oil ingredients plus the following:

    Essential oils of Ginger, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Thyme, Orange, Spruce and Ylang Ylang




I have a wide range of toys available for those who want to experiment with anal play. These toys are cleaned by soaking them in a bleach and hot water bath. They are then washed with soap and water, left out to air dry and then sprayed with Triguard. I cover all anal toys with a fresh condom before their use as an extra layer of protection. I also have a variety of non-anal toys which we can use to explore your desires. These items include, but is not limited to, a blindfold, padded cuffs and restraints, and various cushions.

Click HERE to view all of the toys that I currently offer as part of a session




I use a product called Triguard Plus to clean and disinfect the head of the Hitachi wand (and the toys) between uses. This is a grapefruit seed extract that kills germs and is safe for your body. I mention this to ease your fears around germs, contamination and for those that might have an allergic reaction. I do this as an extra precaution despite the fact that the head of the wand isn't porous and therefore doesn't retain germs. Better safe than sorry.


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